Elva Hoo

Team Leader

Great things in a business are never done by one person, but by a team of people. Looking back, this has marked my 10-year achievements in this continued growing industry. And, my journey continue here, with everything i could possibly desire. It is my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Elva Ho from Elite Legacy Kuching, Sarawak. It is always my honor to have this great recognition by IQI, that I am proud of being one of the Leader in IQI Real Estate Global Company. I am a Real Estate Specialist in Landed Properties, Apartments, Warehouses, Lands, Commercials and Factory. I provide advices and consultations on property category & prices, loan application, arrangement on legal documentations with appointed advocates, liaising with valuers and many more.As a Professional Real Estate Specialist, our role also give you an in-depth advice on property tax such as Real Property Gain Tax, Interest Penalty if any from Bank’s, low cost housing transaction, Stamp Duty, legal fees and all relevant matters relating to property. In IQI, we have variety of projects selling. We even step into a Global market. We have a farther vision, greater exposure and visible mission. We have great opportunity to engage ourself through the world.Whereas, in IQI Elite Legacy, we are inspired to grow with values, well trained with sales skill & products knowledge. Leaders go the extra miles to help us and even the newbies through coaching and sharing their achievements together. Everything is very systematic as we all work with technolgy here. Elite Legacy provides free courses for us even like self development, Media Advertisement courses, product training and more. In Elite Legacy, there is no one to be left behind, because none of us is as smart as All of Us. Elite Legacy teamwork is the secret that makes everyone of us to achieve uncommon results.