Joel Low

 Head of Team

“We are Real Estate Negotiator, Not Real Estate Speculator. Avoid Specualation at all cost and focus on the art of negotiation.” The above have always been my motto ever since I embark into Real Estate industry 6 years ago. Throughout the years, I have gained a lot of enjoyment by assisting 1st home buyer/investors and tenant in achieving what they want on top of reaping the professional fees. As years go I noted that one need to have a branding/ specialist that the client can relate and focus very much just on the skillset that is needed to achieve that and hence I have been focusing on big ticket items such as land, buildings and structuring deals with detailed proposal on top of just being a typical REN that advertise and wait for clients to call. 1 of the main things that I have learnt is the importance of calculation and to achieve the best results I particularly attended tax related to properties class just to understand better so I can assist the client in earning hence saving more while buying or disposing their properties and it lead me to closing every year without fail tens of millions worth of transactions since 4 years ago till date. Fast forward, being in IQI in my 4th year we have really achieve so much more as an individual and as a company thru non stop training and empowering each other and ultimately increasing our skills and income along the way